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Hello, I'm Laura,

I look forward to meeting you and discussing your electronic medical records education needs. I have been working with educators for more than a decade to provide next level education experiences using real EMR platforms. See below to book a no obligation virtual discovery meeting with me.

Laura Keast  //  Founder of Choice Learning Inc.

Here is how this brief meeting can help...

Problem Solving

I am interested to know how your medical administration program is doing and what kinds of challenges you are looking to resolve. Choice Learning has one mission which is to serve the needs of medical administration programs. Let's find out how I can help.


I can discuss and demonstrate any detailed questions that you may have about teaching electronic medical records.

Education Mandate

In 2017, a new mandate came into effect that affects medical administration programs across Ontario. The outcomes of the mandate are applicable anywhere. I would be happy to share the details of the mandate with you and to help to make sure that you are delivering a program that meets or exceeds this new standard.

When is a good time to connect?

Learn how the EMR Accelerator curriculum can help transform your medical administration program into a first class education.

Let's find out how we can elevate education standards together...

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